Swedish-Finn Family Group ~1944 Cedarville (or Elma), Washington
From L: Edward Erickson (d. ~1991), Albert Erickson, Harold W. Erickson (1912-1991), Isaak W.S. Wilson (~1880-1958), Svea McKay, Tilda Wilson (1978-1957), Alan B. McKay (1910-1981), Edythe Strom (1909-1995), Axel Strom (1908-1984), Arlene Halvor (girl), Marie Hall, Arthur Mattson, Bette Mattson, Lena Ostergard (1890-1983), Birger A. Wilson (sailor), Shirley Erickson (youngest), Lena Erickson, Victor Erickson (b. 1894)


Victor Erickson, Isak Viktor Gästgivars (b. 1894)
Lena (Erickson)

Bernyce (Mattson)

Harold W. Erickson (1912-1991)

From L, Elve Alena Wilson (Halvor) (1911-2004), Edythe Matilda Wilson (Strom) (1909-1995)

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