St. Louis (Gadiou) Family Pictures

Robert V. St. Louis


I offer this web page to show pictures of ancestors and their families that Nadine and I have obtained from many of our dear family members over the years. It is an adjunct to my Family Tree files on and, and is a tribute to all those ancestors whose struggles for life and for a better life made our own lives and modest accomplishments possible. 

I apologize for the "plain vanilla" appearance of this web site. When I began it, I wrote out the HTML and uploaded files with a phone line connection

The reason I include Gadiou in the title here is that there are other unrelated families named St. Louis. My paternal line goes back through a string of St. Louises to Gilles Gadiou and his father Gillaume Gadiou. Gilles's son Jean Baptiste in Québec seems to have been the first in my paternal line to have adopted the name St. Louis, as Gadiou-dit-St-Louis, and his sons in my line, (Nicolas Joseph, Jean-Baptiste, Ephraim, John B. etc) kept St. Louis but dropped the Gadiou name. Some others in the family kept the Gadiou name. The only St. Louises in my family presently known to me who remained in or resettled into Canada were, respectively, Jacques and Réjeanne St-Louis's family in Yamachiche, Québec, my father's uncle Ephraim James St. Louis of Nanaimo and Vancouver B.C. and his son William A. St. Louis in Burns Lake, B.C.

For vital help with my/our genealogies I'd like especially to acknowledge Marie Therese St. Louis, Laurie Lou Nisja (Becker; Shawhan), Gael Stott (Huntley), Frances "Penny" Dignan (Thornley), Felix and Harald Nyman, Margaretha Lindholm, Marie Erickson (Hall), Marcia Johnson (Ikonen), Arlene Halvor (Kastelle), Betty Provost (Hanauska), William C. Wissbroecker ("Will Wiss"), Clarice Clourneya, and Thorolf Aspholm.

The main pictures here currently are of St. Louises and their descendants on my father's "western branch" side of the family. I've also included pictures of my mother's Swedish-Finn family and my wife Nadine's parents' Small and Boie families. All pictured here have, variously, connections to Wisconsin, Western Finland, Western Washington, Southern California, Louisiana, New York, Oregon, Quebec, or British Columbia.  I often include both birth and married names for women in the index below. The index shows some alternate name spellings and nicknames, but the primary lookup names will be the birth names; married names may be given too. The St. Louis name may be spelled: St. Louis, St Louis, St-Louis, Saint-Louis, or Stlouis; here you will ordinarily find the form St. Louis.  My father Vincent T. said the spelling was St Louis, and that the name change from Gadiou occurred after an ancestor fought in "the battle of Fort St Louis." Dad also said the "original" St Louis was a shoemaker! I later discovered he had referred to Ephraim St. Louis, my grandfather's grandfather, who originally brought the family to Wisconsin from Quebec in the 1830's.

Several pictures are on each web page. Most were scanned by me from photographs or slides. I've included documents regarding Johanna Gästgivars (Nana), a Smulter genealogy, Josephine Shinners, Margaret Matilda Moore, Gust Nordman Mattson, and Rev Philip  St. Louis (Manus)
(website begun 21 Sep 2002)

Updated 06 January 2021  I've added
1. pix of cousin Patsy (Patricia D. Compton St. Louis) and her kin
2. grandfather Gust Nordman Mattson's pedigree chart, from Thorolf Aspholm:
    The Swedish Finn Historical Society Newsletter, Apr 1, 1997 p. 46
3. color picture of mom's first cousin Helge Erickson, from
4. picture of family of Cheryl Early and Edward Charles St. Louis, Jr
5. after finally identifying her, pix of Alexina Ellen (Helen) Jessamin St. Louis
6. a slight renaming of the mother shown in the Bittancourt family, to Mary Catherine Bittancourt (nee Paul).  It's unclear where her Madden name connection came from (03/24/2021)
7. 31 Jan 2021  Modified Maud St Louis' name.  Added more of my St Louis pix

To find a person in this web page, click below on an underlined name link in the list to see the picture, or click any other numbered links on the same line to show other picture pages containing the same individual. If at first you don't see the picture you want on a page, scroll down.  I've tried to keep more or less closely related people on each page. I've indented people in my wife Nadine's family for clarity.  Click the Back arrow on the Windows toolbar or equivalent to return to this index page. Enjoy!!


  Adler, George H.
  Adler, Madelon: see Boie, Madelon
Berendsen, Mary: see Laurent, Mary
Bittancourt, Agnes A.
Bittancourt, Carlos Charles Francis; Charles
Bittancourt, Mary Catherine
Bittancourt, Elizabeth
Bittancourt, Estalon J.; Estalno, Bitancourt, Betancourt
Bittancourt, Francis J.; Brother Joe, O.M.I.
Bittancourt, Frederick
Bittancourt, George
Bittancourt, Lauretta; Laura
Bittancourt, Lorenzo L.; Luther
Bittancourt, Mary Delphine
Bittancourt, Melissa
Bittancourt, Rosalia 2, 3; Rose, Rosalie, Rosalia St. Louis
Boie, Adelia M.2  Adelia Rogers
Boie, Clara Lucie, 2, 3, Clara B. Small
Boie, Elizabeth, Beth McArthur
Boie, Jon H.
Boie, Madelon; Madelon Adler
  Boie, Parmelia: see Colombe, Parmelia
Branngard-Johnson, Johannes R.
  Colombe, Marie Lucie: see Labrec, Marie Lucie

  Colombe, Parmelia; 2, Parmelia Boie
Compton, Patricia: see St. Louis, Patricia D.
Connell, Helene: see Wangnild, Helene
Copeland, Didamia:  see Paul, Didamia
Courneya, Patricia: see St. Louis, Patricia D.
Crabb, Ethel B.; Ethel Stephens
Crigar, Valerie: see Hayford, Valerie
De Broux, Philomene: see Laurent, Mary Philomene
Dignan, Edna Mary: see Verdier, Edna Mary
Early, Cheryl Raye, Cheryl St. Louis 
Erickson, Albert
Erickson, Carol J.; Carol Klamkin
Erickson, Edward
Erickson, Harold W.
Erickson, Helge John
Erickson, John: see Gästgivars, Johannes
Erickson, Lena: see Roderick, Lena M.
Erickson, Marie
Erickson, Shirley; Shirley Joplin
Erickson, Svea L.
Erickson, Vendla: see Smulter, Wendla
Erickson, Victor: see Gästgivars, Viktor
Fields, Verna C., 2; Verna St. Louis
Gästgivars, Isak Viktor, Victor Erickson
Gästgivars, Johanna Karolina, 2, 3, 4, 5; Lina Erickson; Lena Mattson; Lena Ostergard (Östergård)
Gästgivars genealogy in Malax, Finland
Gästgivars, Johannes; John Erickson, "Morber" John
Gästgivars, Maja Sofia Karlsdotter
Gästgivars, Maria Lovisa Svenn: see Svenn, Maria L.
Gästgivars, Wendla Mathilda, 2, 3; Matilda Wilson, Tilda Wilson
Gegenheimer, Elvira; Elvira St. Louis
Hall, Marie: see Erickson, Marie
Halvor, Arlene J., 2; Arlene Kastelle
Halvor, Elve: see Wilson, Elve
Halvor, Evald George, 2; George Halvor
Halvor, Hanna: see Kamm, Hanna
Halvor, Jonas
Hayford, Susan L.
Hayford, Valerie A.
Hemming, Johanna Jakobsdotter
Gloudeman, Isabelle: see Laurent, Isabelle
Hayford, Joan: see St. Louis, Joan E.
Hebert, Marie Amanda Alphonsine, 2;  Maud St. Louis, Maud King
Hughes, Cecilia Pearl:  see St. Louis, Cecilia Pearl
Hughes, William J.
Jackson, Helen Ruth, Helen Wilson
Jessamin, Alexina Ellen, Jessiman, Bucey, Helen St. Louis 
Jessie, Emma Marguerite
  Emma St. Louis
Johnson, Elene: see Elene E. St. Louis
Joplin, Shirley: see Erickson, Shirley
Kamm, Hanna, Hanna Halvor
Kastelle, Arlene: see Halvor, Arlene J.
Kemish, Dorothy, 2, 3; Dorothy St. Louis
King, Josephine: see Laurent, Josephine Melanie
King, Maud: see Hebert, M. A. A.
Klamkin, Carol: see Erickson, Carol
Labrec, Marie Lucie, Lucie Labrec, Lucie Labreque, Lucie Colombe
Laurent, Francis, Rev.
Laurent, Isabelle: Isabelle Gloudeman
Laurent, Josephine Melanie; Josephine Melanie King
Laurent, Mary; Mary Berendsen
Laurent, Mary Emilie; Emily Rabideau
Laurent, Mary Philomene; Philomene De Broux
Laurent, Olivine: see St. Louis, Olivine
Laursen, Christina; 2, Christina(Stina) St. Louis
Leitermann, C. Luke:
Thesis on Rev Philip St Louis, transcribed by LeLani Ano-Von Bober
Lolax Jr, Matts Mattsson
Madden, Catherine  this seems to be Mary Catherine Paul
Mahterian, Carolyn: see St. Louis, Carolyn R.
Mahterian, Deborah A.
Manseau, Marie DesAnges; DesAnges St. Louis, Marie DesAnges St. Louis
Mattson, Aili Alena, 2, 3; Eileen A. St. Louis
Mattson, Arthur L., 2, 3
(Mattson), Bernyce
Mattson, Bette: see Morris, Bette or Betty
Mattson, Bill: see Nordman, Matts Wilhelm
Mattson, Gust: see Nordman, Johan Gustaf
Mattson, Lena: see Gästgivars, Johanna Karolina
  McArthur, Elizabeth: see Boie, Elizabeth
McKay, Alan B.
McKay, Svea: see Erickson, Svea
  Moore, Margaret M.,  Margaret Small
Moran family: see Paul, Melissa
Moran, Robert: see Paul, Melissa
Morhinway, Bette: see Morris, Bette
Mornson, Ida Mary;  Ida Mary St. Louis
Morris, Bette; Bette Mattson, Bette Morhinway
Nordman, Johan Gustaf  2 Gust Mattson pedigree pdf
Nordman, Matts Wilhelm; Bill Mattson, William Mattson, Matson
Nyman, Harald
(Nyman), Ireen
Ostergard, John; Johannes J. Östergård
Ostergard, Lena: see Gästgivars, Johanna Karolina
Östergård, Lena: see Gästgivars, Johanna Karolina
Paul, Mary Catherine
Paul, Melissa; Melissa Moran
Paul, Diadamia:  Didamia Copeland
Perolio, Linda: see St. Louis, Linda Lee
Rabideau, Emily: see Laurent, Mary Emelie
Ricciardi, Kathy: see St. Louis, Kathleen A.
Roderick, Lena M., Lena Erickson
  Rogers, Adelia: see Boie, Adelia
Savoie, Réjeanne; Réjeanne St-Louis
Shinners, Johanna J.; Josephine St. Louis, Limerick connection
  Small, Clara: see Boie, Clara Lucie
  Small, Jessie M.
  Small, John Q.
  Small, Margaret: see Moore, Margaret M.
  Small, Matthew T.
  Small, Nadine M., 2, 3, UO Seminars, pix of Dina ; Nadine S. St. Louis
  Small, Thomas H.
Smulter genealogy in Malax, Finland
Smulter, Wendla M.; Vendla Erickson
St. Louis, Carolyn R., 2, 3; Carolyn Mahterian
St. Louis, Cecelia Pearl;  Pearl Cecilia St. Louis, Pearl Hughes
St. Louis, Cheryl: see Early, Cheryl R.
St. Louis, Christina: see Laursen, Christina
St. Louis, DesAnges: see Manseau, Marie DesAnges
St. Louis, Donna: see Vicknair, Donna
St. Louis, Dorothy: see Kemish, Dorothy
St. Louis, Edward C., 2, 3
St. Louis, Edward C., Jr.
St. Louis, Edward H., 2, 3, 4
St. Louis, Edward T.
St. Louis, Eileen: see Mattson, Aili Alena
St. Louis, Elene Emelia; Elene Verdier; Elene Johnson
St. Louis, Elizabeth J.; Searcy; Manno
St. Louis, Elvira: see Gegenheimer, Elvira
St. Louis, Emma: see Jessie, Emma Marguerite

St. Louis, Ephraim
St. Louis, Francis J. L., 2, 3, 4, 5; Frank J. St. Louis
St. Louis, Francois Xavier Ephraim; Frank X. St. Louis
St. Louis, Gerald E.    p4  p9
St. Louis, George Joseph (1885-1950)
St. Louis, Grace A.; Grace Tucker
St. Louis, Helene: see Wangnild, Helene
St. Louis, Ida Mary: see Mornson, Ida Mary
St-Louis, Jacques
St. Louis, Joan E.   p21    Joan Hayford
St. Louis, John B.
St. Louis, John B. Jr., 2
St. Louis, Josephine: see Shinners, Johanna J.
St. Louis, Kathleen A., 2; Kathy Killelea; Kathleen Ricciardi
St. Louis, Linda Lee, 2, 3; Linda Williams; Linda Perolio
St. Louis, Marie Therese
St. Louis, Matthew M.
St. Louis, Maud: see Hebert, Marie Amanda Alphonsine
St. Louis, Minnie: see Stephens, Minnie A.
St. Louis, Nadine: see Small, Nadine M.
St. Louis, Olivine; Olivine Laurent
St. Louis, Patricia D., 2, Patricia Courneya, Hall, Robison, Compton
St. Louis, Paula K., Leigh R. Saint-Louis
St. Louis, Phillip (Rev.); Fr. Petrus Mannes Dominicus St. Louis; Life of: see Leitermann, C.L.
St-Louis, Réjeanne: see Savoie, Réjeanne
St. Louis, Robert V., 2
St. Louis, Rosalia: see Bittancourt, Rosalia
St. Louis, Verna: see Fields, Verna C.
St. Louis, Verne K.,2
St. Louis, Vincent T.  p1  p2  p11  p20
Stephens, Ethel: see Crabb, Ethel
Stephens, Minnie A., 2, 3; Minnie St. Louis
Stephens, William K.
Stephens, William Kendrick Jr, 2
Strom, Axel, 2
Ström, Isaak Wilhelm, 2, 3
Strom, Edythe: see Wilson, Edythe
Strom, Isaac: see Ström, Isaak (above)
Svenn, Maria Lovisa; Maria Lovisa Gästgivars
Tucker, John J.
Tucker, Grace:  see St. Louis, Grace A.

Verdier, Edna Mary; Edna Mary Dignan
Verdier, Elene: see Elene St. Louis
Vicknair, Donna ; Donna St. Louis
Wangnild, Helene; Helene St. Louis, Connell, Wolf
Wilson, Birger A. ; Bob Wilson
Wilson, Edythe M., 2, 3; Edythe Strom
Wilson, Elve A., 2; Elve Halvor

Wilson, Helen Ruth: see Helen Ruth Jackson
Wilson, Isaac: see Ström, Isaak W.
Wilson, Leonard Donald, 2
Wilson, Matilda: see Gästgivars, Wendla M.
Wilson, Paul Willard
Wolf, Helene: see Wangnild, Helene

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